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The Ultimate

Online Course Creator Conference

35+ Experts Reveal Their Hottest Secrets, So You Can Scale To Six Figures And Beyond, Avoid Making Expensive Mistakes & Bring In New Leads and Customers Like Clockwork!

Creators, service providers, coaches, consultants, authors and speakers: Be part of the $375 billion knowledge industry. Surround yourself with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs around the world and level up your online course game.

The world’s economy has already shifted into the virtual space more and faster than ever before & it’s time to catch up right now… Or else you’ll risk getting left behind.

The most “future proof” way to get ahead and run a sustainable online business is by entering the exploding digital knowledge industry with the guidance of Tina and 30+ experts through Online Course Talks. 

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Exclusive New Report: 10 Explosive Strategies To Grow Your Online Course Business In 2022!

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Your Ultimate Guide To Master Your Online Course Business In 2022

You’re a coach, consultant, speaker, author or simply an ordinary person and want to share your gift with the world. You are either thinking of leaving your 9-5 job – or you have already taken the leap to become your own boss, so you can do work you’re passionate about, work from anywhere, and ultimately have more freedom in your life. What could go wrong?!

You may be finding that though you have the talents and experience to become a successful course creator, running your own educational business is harder than you thought

Then The Downward Cycle Begins

  • You have too many 1:1 or even group coaching clients but aren’t able to scale any further
  • So you created your course and now you are confused and not sure how to sell it…
  • You’re overworked, have tried launches and posted every day on social media… still crickets…
  • You’re stressed out and anxious about your blocked Facebook ads account & you lost money already running ads…
  • Eventually, you lose confidence in yourself and ask “Why did I even get started building an online education business in the first place?”
Sound familiar?
online course talks tina dahmen summit
online course talks tina dahmen summit

We Got Your Back.

You’re definitely not alone in this journey.

In fact, many just like you started from humble beginnings. They worked relentlessly, built a profitable and successful online education business and achieved a lifestyle they live on their own terms.

They proved it’s possible, and it’s definitely possible for you too!

We created this summit to help online course creators just like you shortcut your way to having a successful online course business, while saving years trying to figure it all out on your own.

Whether you’re new to the game, moonlighting your full-time job, or want to scale to a full-fledged remote online course business…

Online Course Talks is for you!

We will teach you how to get to the next level with the best leaders and mentors in the industry.

Who Is This Summit For?

Online Course Talks_18
Online Course Talks_18
Online Course Talks_18

Now You’re Probably Wondering…

“What Exactly Will I Get Out Of Attending Online Course Talks?”

Here’s what you’ll learn when you claim your free ticket:


How to overcome imposter syndrome, how to serve people with impactful content and how to set up all the tech around your business that currently keeps you from progressing.

How to easily & effortlessly create an online course FAST… even if you don’t know which topic to teach just yet.

How to create authentic blog & video content, how to be confident in front of the camera and how to design kick-ass presentation slides, so you can convert more webinar attendees into customers.

Discover the one method to build a stable online course business and get started on the right path, because, let’s face it, creating a product which people won’t buy is so 2020!

Market & Sell

How to become a sales & marketing strategist to 10x your earning potential.


How to market and sell organically AND via paid ads, so you can expand your reach.

How to successfully launch your online course before you create it. Discover different options & choose the ones which suit your personality type best.

The secret copy writing tips our experts have been using to make millions in their business.

The key skills you need for every sales conversation to win your clients’ trust (and investment!).


How to take your online course business to the next level fast through proven systems and processes.

How to leverage online marketing tools and strategies to automate and fill your pipeline continuously.


Discover different long-term traffic strategies and get to learn about all the Do’s and Don’ts.

How to finally build a remote team so you can have more free time to reinvest in your business or spend with your friends and family.

You’ll be able to speak to our experts during our live Q&A sessions and pick their brains about anything you have learned and would like advice on.

Speakers Have Been Featured In

Online course talks

Complete Summit Schedule



Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Welcome & Introduction

Rachel Smithbone - Gong Therapist: Potent Intention Setting Opening Ceremony Live

Tina Dahmen - Online Business Coach & Course Expert: The 4 Pillars of A Successful Online Education Business Part 1/5

Ash Pemberton - PowerPoint Pimp: How To Create Millionaire Course Slides

Ron Stefanski - Professor: How to Repurpose Content to Grow Your Brand and Sell More Courses



Lucy Kelly - Online Course Expert: Take Your Offline Business Online

Caroline Guntur - Digital Organizing Strategist: How I Built An Online Course Business Helping People Organise Their Photos Online

Andrea Angella - Developer & Membership Site Expert: How To Grow A Membership Site To 5-Figure Recurring Revenue


Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Introduction

Tina Dahmen - Online Business Coach & Course Expert: Diving Deep Into Pillar 1: Helpful: How To Build a Product That Doesn't Suck 2/5

Sally Hendrick - Online Marketing Strategist & Facebook Ads Pro: Sell Your Course Before You Create It

Joshua Ong - Affiliate Expert: Build Your Affiliate Empire & Sell More Courses


Feel Inspired:

Lisa Spector - Piano Ninja: I Built An Online Piano School Despite Doctors Telling Me I Would Never Be Able To Play Again

Ivy Summer - Pandemic Wedding Expert: Take Your Service-Based Business Online During A Pandemic

Anne Hilarius-Ford - Empowerment Coach: I’m 70 y/o & Created My Own Online Empire- And So Can You!


Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Introduction

Tina Dahmen - Online Business Coach & Course Expert: Diving Deep Into Pillar 2: Efficiency - Team, Tech & Systems Part 3/5

John Ainsworth - Funnel Designer: Scale Your Online Course Revenue On Autopilot Without Stressful Launches Via Funnels

Pegah Abdolhosseini - Thinkific: How to Get Your Course Online Quickly With Thinkific

Demelza Marie - Video Content Expert: How to Easily Produce Your Video Content Professionally On a Small Budget


Feel Inspired:


Angel Pretot - French Learning Coach: Turn Your Knowledge Into An Online Language School!


Closing Q&A With Experts


Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Introduction

Scot Chrisman - Marketing & Media Expert: How to Get Featured in the Media & on Podcasts!

Dino Gomez - Facebook Ads Expert: Copy Writing Hacks Your Must Know

Mackensie Liberman - Chatbot Marketer: Use Chatbots To Market & Sell Your Course


Feel Inspired:

Ellen Yin - Online Membership Expert: Turn Courses Into Recurring Revenue Using The Membership Site Model

James Rose - Automation Expert: Automate Your Online Course Business


Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Introduction

Justine Beauregard - Expert Email Marketer: How To Build An Email List of 10k+ People Fast + Convert Them Into Paying Customers

Martine Cadet - Digital Content Coach: Use Facebook Live to Sell your Offer

Derek Murphy - Book Coach, Writer & WSJ Bestselling Author: Use Books To Launch Your Course

Arne Giske - Facebook Groups Expert: How I made $1M Through My Facebook Group



Feel Inspired:

Tiffany Allen - Program Consultant: How To Get Grants To Build Non-Profit Organisations

DJ Sammy Shoebox Moses - Dance Session 1

Closing Q&A With Experts


Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Introduction

Tina Dahmen - Online Business Coach & Course Expert: Diving Deep Into Pillar 4: Ongoing - Long-term Traffic & Marketing Strategies Part 4/5

Marc Mawhinney - Coach: Email Marketing Secrets 1:1

Kyle Sulerud- Youtube Ads Expert: How To Use YouTube Ads To Drive Insane Traffic To Your Webinar

Tracie Fobes - Professional Blogger: Build & Sell Your Blog & Online Course Business

Alisa Meredith - Pinterest Expert at Tailwind: Everything Course Creators Need to Know To Succeed On Pinterest



Feel Inspired:

Kristin Smith - Chief Visionary: How To Increase Course Sales By Adding Physical Products To The Mix!


Tina Dahmen - Summit Host: Introduction

Tina Dahmen - Online Business Coach & Course Expert: Diving Deep Into Pillar 3: Recurring - Pricing, Sales & Launch Plan Part 5/5 + The Exact Blueprint On  How to Make $10k/Month Consistently From Your Online Course

Jace Beeny - Facebook Ads Expert: How To Launch Your First Ad Campaign On Facebook & Instagram

Mads Singers - Management Consultant: Build Your Online Course Team

Paul Ace - Webinar Expert: How to Amplify Your Online Course Sales With C-Com Webinars


Feel Inspired:

Bethany Wrede Peterson - Podcast Expert: Use A Podcast As A Long-Term Marketing Strategy


Closing Q&A With Experts

This is not your average cookie-cutter summit- nope! We brought in some amazing artists to our summit who will help you to get into the right mindset, set the right intentions for your online course business & fire up your mood so you feel excited and ready to take on the world after we say good bye to each other!


Potent intention setting opening ceremony with Sound Therapist Rachel Smithbone


In this session, you will be guided to set a potent intention to maximise your experience of the summit.

Learn how left and right brain coherence and integration supports expansive states of awareness, how intention setting combines neuroscience with creativity and a pinch of magic to access expanded states of awareness and receptivity.

Rachel will guide you through deep relaxation into intention setting and finally a brief sound meditation to release any internal blockages that may be waiting to sabotage you. Bring a journal, plug in headphones and an open mind!

Music for moments you will never forget with DJ Sammy Shoebox Moses




You won’t just be binge-watching session after session during this event, nope, DJ Sammy Shoebox Moses will make you shake your booties as well. Body movement is important to stay on top of your game and to really embody all the valuable information you are taking in during the sessions.

Demelza Marie Tina Dahmen

Demelza Marie

Video Content Expert


How To Easily Produce Your Video Content Professionally On a Small Budget

What You’ll Learn:

  About the overriding principles that make videos look professional as again amateur

  How to apply point 1 and how to use the equipment you probably already have to make your videos look great

How to improve your videos once you’re ready to invest in better equipment

Jace Beeny

Facebook Ads Expert

How To Launch Your First Ad Campaign On Facebook & Instagram


What You’ll Learn:

  How to set up your first Facebook campaign to start testing and gathering data so you can minimize costs but get high quality leads

  How the pixel works and which “events” to set up when and where so your re-targeting game is on point

  How to use dynamic creative to test a variety of ads and which ones to double down on in order to scale to the moon

Online Course Talks Tina Dahmen
Online Course Talks Tina Dahmen

Kyle Sulerud

Youtube Ads Expert

How To Use YouTube Ads To Drive Insane Traffic To Your Webinar

What You’ll Learn:

  Crucial things to say in your ads that will get people to watch, click and convert

  How to benefit from targeting strategies unique to YouTube that will put you directly in front of your ideal customers

  What your funnel should look like so you can take full advantage of the attention surplus available on YouTube

Arne Giske

Facebook Groups Expert

The 7 Figure FB Group Growth, Engagement & Monetization Hacks + The Exact Blueprint On How I Made $1M Through My FB Group


What You’ll Learn:

  How to grow a group full of targeted members organically without needing to spend a dime on ads

  What to post to keep them engaged and ready to buy from you

  How to convert them from audience members to leads and clients effectively

Online Course Talks
Tina Dahmen

Paul Ace

Webinar Expert


How to Amplify Your Online Course Sales With C-Com Webinars


What You’ll Learn:

  How to get your audience to be craving to buy your course before they attend your webinar. 

  How to increase your webinar show rate by as much as 80% by adding in this one thing. 

  How to increase your webinar sales with conversational commerce.

Ron Stefanski

Professor & Blogger

How to Repurpose Content to Grow Your Brand and Sell More Courses


What You’ll Learn:

  How to repurpose blog content to YouTube & vice versa so you can effectively reach a broader audience without needing to create new content

  How to outsource video editing and how to train your staff properly

  How to outsource blog content but still stay authentic so your voice doesn’t get lost

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Lucy Kelly

Online Business Expert

How to Take Your Offline Business Online And Build Meaningful Relationships


What You’ll Learn:

  How Lucy took her offline business online and why you can too

  How she made over ½ million dollars of her products ever since and the secret to connecting with your offline audience online

  How she then moved on to create online courses and made $19k in 2 days selling her advice online

James Rose

Automation Wizard

How To Launch A Course In The Software Niche


What You’ll Learn:

  How he launched his course before he created it without having a huge email list

  Why your software course will sell better than a company’s own course about their own product and how you can find your niche

  How to automate different aspects of your online course business so you can focus on growth

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Sally Hendrick

Online Marketer & Writer For Social Media Examiner

How to Sell Your Course Before Your Create It 


What You’ll Learn:

  How to identify your ideal client and the secret hack on where to find them

  How to craft the perfect pitch to assure a high conversion rate

  How to write a great piece of content that converts raving fans into clients

Anne-Hilarius Ford

Empowerment Coach

“I’m 70 y/o & Created My Own Online Empire- And So Can You!”


What You’ll Learn:

  How Anne made her first $1000+ on her first launch via sending emails only

  How she now reaches a global audience teaching her passion

  How she manages to master all the tech with ease being 70 years old

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Mads Singers

Management Consultant

How to Build a Team To Run Your Online Course Business


What You’ll Learn:

  What kind of people you need & which rolls to fill to run an efficient business

  Were to find them, what to look out for and how to choose the right candidates in the first place to avoid disappointment on both ends

  How to hire your dream team, the effective strategies you need to implement to hire the right way and why personality types play a crucial role

Online Course Talks

Tiffany Allen

Program Consultant

How to Get Grants To Build Non-Profits


What You’ll Learn:

  How Tiffany moved from a side hustle to a running a full-time online course business

  What it takes to run a successful program so your students get the desired end result

  How she build a Facebook group of over 6,000 members organically with ease


Bethany Wrede Peterson

Podcast Expert

How To Find Your Voice In Podcasting & Sell More Courses


What You’ll Learn:

  Why your mindset has a direct impact on your bottom line and how to change it to achieve financial success

  The three mindset exercises to banish impostor syndrome and how to find your voice as a course creator and podcast host

  Three ways podcasting can help you create and sell more courses and have more FUN in your business

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Derek Murphy

Book Coach, Writer & WSJ Bestselling Author

How to Leverage Books To Launch And Sell Your Courses


What You’ll Learn:

  How to write a book that matters and people actually would want to read

  How to write a crucial nonfiction planning guide to assure you produce quality content

  How to use your book within your course funnel to increase profits

Martine Cadet

Digital Content Coach

How to Use Facebook Live Video To Sell Your Offer


What You’ll Learn:

  How to optimize your live video content to the maximum after you finish streaming

  About the “Going Live On Facebook Success Blueprint” and the exact steps to take to run a successful live video

  How to stay consistent with your video content so your audience will never forget about you





Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Makensie Libermann

Chatbot Marketer

Use Chatbots To Market & Sell Your Course


What You’ll Learn:

  How to collect emails & phone numbers via ManyChat efficiently

  About all the new rules & restrictions and how to still make it work

  Funnel building live: Mackensie will show you step-by-step how to build a funnel on ManyChat

Marc Mawhinney


Email Marketing Secrets 1:1


What You’ll Learn:

Why daily emails should be done not only during a course launch and how you can push past your fears of losing subscribers and getting criticized for an aggressive email launch campaign

  The exact schedule Marc uses for his email marketing during a launch which you can copy & implement

  Other very unusual and out of the box ways on how to stand out and how to keep your subscribers engaged

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Ellen Ying

Membership Expert

How Ellen Was Able To Scale To Half A Million Dollars In 2020


What You’ll Learn:

  Why she ditched the freebie model and how she scaled a $27 product to six figures in revenue in 9 months while acquiring 5,000 new students at zero cost

  How she massively built her list and grew her membership to recurring 10K+ months without any ads

  Why instead of having a six-figure service-based business, she now added six-figure products

Angel Pretot

French Learning Coach


How to Turn Your Knowledge Into An Online Language School


What You’ll Learn:

  How you can make $3k – $5k / month with a very small email list (under 2k) and an even smaller social media following

  How Angel built a scalable online business that became profitable at the very early stages

  How he added 1-1 coaching and subscription services to the mix to assure recurring revenue

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Joshua Ong

Affiliate Expert

How to Build Your Own Affiliate Empire & Sell More Courses Via Organic Facebook Marketing


What You’ll Learn:

  Where to find your affiliates and how to convince them to sell your course

  How to generate unlimited targeted leads without spending a dime on ads

  About the VALUE formula on how to create social media content that attracts your ideal customer and increases engagement

Ivy Summer

Pandemic Wedding Expert

How to Take Your Service-Based business Online During A Pandemic


What You’ll Learn:

  How Ivy created an online course for engaged couples to plan their wedding from anywhere in the world and why this works

  How she launched during the first month that the world’s first COVID-19 case was reported

  How she served her market in a way the rest of the industry wasn’t ready to

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Andrea Angella


The Secrets To Growing a membership Site To Recurring 5-Figure Months


What You’ll Learn:

  How to deliver content effectively in a simple and practical way, so your students can follow your teachings

  How to build a membership site from scratch and build it to 5 figures with just a few hours per week

  How to overcome imposter syndrome and quickly launch your project even if you are a full-time employee

Dino Gomez

Facebook Ads Expert

Facebook Ads Copy Writing Hacks You Must Know About


What You’ll Learn:

  The new type of funnel that is working for course sales right now

  How to lower your cost per lead and what types of ads are working best 

  How to NOT get your Facebook ads account banned and what to do if it happens anyway

Online Course Talks
Tina Dahmen

Tina Dahmen

Online Business Coach

How to Build a Passive Income Machine via Your Online Course!


What You’ll Learn:

  How to create passive income via an online course and the 4 essential pillars to consider so you can edge out your competition

  How to create a helpful product so your offer is irrisistable and scalable, how to sell your course before you create it and how to drive evergreen traffic to your sales page

  How to set up team, tech & systems so your course will actually run on autopilot

Scot Chrisman

Marketing & Media Expert

How to Get Featured In The Media & On Podcasts


What You’ll Learn:

  The 1 tool that you need to find podcast hosts and how to approach them without feeling spammy or salesy

  How to leverage podcasts to build algorithmic & social authority to drive engagement, sales and create a sustainable business where your marketing isn’t just hunting, it’s cultivating a field or potential leads that will grow into sales

  How to get featured in publications like Yahoo Finance, Forbes,, Entrepreneur and actionable steps on EXACTLY where to find journalists, what kinds of pitches they’ll respond to and how to pitch them to see the most success

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Tracie Fobes

Professional Blogger

How to Build & Sell a Blog & Your Online Course Business


What You’ll Learn:

  How to create and run a profitable blog to achieve financial goals and dreams

  How to create a funnel that sells & important points that need to be included

  How to structure your website and articles for best SEO practices

John Ainsworth

Funnel Expert

Scale Your Online Course Revenue On Autopilot Without Stressful Launches


What You’ll Learn:

  How to convert leads into customers & how to sell even more to those who signed up

  About the places you are missing out on conversion which you would have never thought of and how to fix it immediately

  What your ideal funnel needs to have so it can run on autopilot

John Ainsworth - Online Course Talks

Alisa Meredith



Everything Course Creators Need to Know to Succeed on Pinterest


What You’ll Learn:

  Learn the secrets to getting more organic Pinterest engagement and traffic

  Uncover new, trending keywords to attract new students to your course

  Discover the fastest, easiest way to make Pins people can’t resist

Alisa Tailwind
Online Course Talks

Lisa Spector

Piano Ninja

How She Built An Online Piano School Despite Doctors Telling Her She Would Never Be Able To Play Again


What You’ll Learn:

  Why it’s crucial to NOT let anybody else determine what you CAN and can not do and that nobody has the right to decide that for you

  How Lisa enrolled 10 students at $199 each during her first launch

  How she built an entire online community around her gift and why she never runs out of clients

Kristin Smith

Chief Visionary

How to Increase Course Sales By Adding Physical Products To The Mix


What You’ll Learn:

  How to cross-promote your courses and other (physical) products effectively

  How to maximize $ by identifying and utilizing other course creators for your platform

  Why understanding your “Why” is important and how to clarify it for effective and profitable courses

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Justine Beauregard

Email Marketing Expert

How To Build An Email List of 10k+ People Fast + Convert Them Into Paying Customers


What You’ll Learn:

  Why email marketing is highly effective and what tools you can use to keep it simple

  The step-by-step instructions for creating an email campaign and how to grow your list of only the people who need what you sell

  Why and how Justine gets 70%+ open rates & how you can too

Caroline Guntur

Digital Organizing Strategist

How to Pull Off 20k Launches With a Tiny Email List


What You’ll Learn:

  How Caroline built a business around her passion in an unusual niche, leveraging her life’s experience & education

  How to draft emails which go against all marketing rules, so people will actually buy from you

  Her secret to high conversion rates so you can launch to a small email list

Online Course Talks
Online Course Talks

Ash Pemberton

PowerPoint Pimp


How to Create Millionaire Course Slides


What You’ll Learn:

  The basic principles of designing slides for elearning to keep your audience engaged

  Where to find and how to use the world’s best images and how to design a killer front cover in less than 5 minutes

  No fluff but only what you need to know about copyright law to avoid getting sued

Get Access to 30+ World-Class Online Course Strategy Sessions

We’ll show you cutting-edge strategies that successful online course creators use to build, profit, and scale their online businesses. 

More Reasons To Attend

Online Course Talks

#1 – Learn Directly From People Who Have Done What You Are Looking To Do (Reduce Your Learning Curve)

Why waste months, or even years experimenting around when you can learn from people who have done what you are looking to accomplish straight from the horse’s mouth?

The speakers I’ve hand-selected will empower you by teaching you what really works, so you can create, market, sell and or scale your online course business to six figures and beyond!

Online Course Talks

#2 – All Interviews And Presentations Are Free To Attend (Only If You Sign Up Now)

Most conferences with high-quality standards like this cost thousands to attend. You will have the chance to watch all presentations and interviews for free for a limited time – make sure you do and share the love with your friends who would benefit from attending this valuable event as well.

Online Course Talks

#3 – Value Packed Video Interviews AND Presentations

We have a “no boring and high value-packed” policy. Unlike other summits, with this one, you will get to listen to real, raw, authentic conversations and presentations about a specific topic in depth. You will walk away with instant takeaways and actionable advice which you can implement immediately.

Online Course Talks

#4 – Network With Other Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Create valuable connections with people during the event, between and after sessions just like you…aspiring coaches, consultants and course creators.

What Makes This Different?


Online Course Talks

No Travel Required

You won’t need to waste money on flights and hotel rooms which saves you thousands of dollars, travel time, and time away from friends and family.

Online Course Talks

Flexible Schedule

The presentations and interviews will be available online at your own convenience. All content will be accessible for free for three days, and if you purchase the “All Access Pass” you will get access forever + some really amazing bonuses!

Online Course Talks

Once In a Lifetime Group of Speakers

This group of speakers has been vetted and hand-selected. These experts won’t be the same speakers you see everywhere, talking about “one size fits all” canned talk. I did long research on the speakers and picked them from all different industries who inspire ME.

You will get to see the most unique and diverse group of experts at a once in a lifetime event.

Online Course Talks

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Tracks

This is NOT one of those events where the speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or services at the end – far from it!

This is high-quality training that will benefit you and be of great value to you creating, selling, marketing and or scaling your online course business. I structured this event with the audience in mind (YOU!) and have divided it into different sections so that you can learn what you want, when you want, no matter your skill level.

About Your Host Tina Dahmen

Tina is an Online Course and Business Coach and the founder of  “Sold Out Programs” and “Coach Marketing Hub“.

She helps authors, freelancers, coaches & consultants (and everyone who is looking to become one!) to gain more influence in their space, scale their online presence and revenue by packaging up their knowledge into digital products and adding those to their business model. 

She is also a regular contributor at and writes about online courses, coaching, marketing, digital products and online business strategies. 


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